Dana Nutting


A voice that’s warm, caring, friendly, authentic, conversational, professional, authoritative, confident, and engaging

Get a free custom demo for your project

If you’d like to check out whether my voice is a good fit for your project, here’s how to get a free custom demo:

  1. Send me your script and project details (length, when you need the file, and rate or budget) and let me know what voice/performance qualities you are looking for. Please include a pronunciation guide if appropriate.
  2. I’ll record about one minute of your script and return an audio file that is fully edited and mastered. I can do this within one day.
  3. You decide whether it fits your project. If it doesn’t fit, it’s no problem. If you do decide to hire me, check out the next section, where, step by step, I explain how I provide broadcast-quality audio for all projects.

Here's how I provide broadcast-quality audio for your project


Once we have agreed to work together, here’s how I produce your audio files:

  1. First, send me your script
  2. We’ll discuss your project (What type of project is it? Is this broadcast or non-broadcast?) and what you hope to hear regarding performance
  3. I provide you with a custom rate quote (see the RATES page)
  4. We agree to the rate, performance, editing level, file delivery terms, and exceptions via email; see also the AI policy, which is included in all my contracts
  5. Here is where I may request a pronunciation guide
  6. I provide you with a link to an audio file with one read or two or three different reads if appropriate
  7. You review the sample(s) and provide notes
  8. At this point, I can either self-direct and record your script on my own or I can offer you the option to remotely listen in and direct me during the recording session (via Skype, Zoom, or Source Connect). Note that there is an upfront booking fee to record a directed session (see the RATES page and FAQs)
  9. I process the file(s) to the level that you need for your project:
    • raw files (no removal of breaths and mouth noise or editing),
    • cleaned-up and edited to the script, or
    • fully cleaned up, edited, and mastered (broadcast quality)
  10. I send you a link to your files
  11. You review the audio and either love the audio with no changes needed or provide a list of pickups with further direction; I record and deliver the pickups. This may go to a second round (see the REVISION POLICY)
  12. I provide a link to updated files (this may go to a second round)
  13. Once the audio is finally approved, I send the final invoice
  14. You pay the invoice
  15. I then deliver your files in any format you prefer (usually WAV, mp3, or AIFF)



I’m able to meet tight deadlines with fast and reliable service, usually within 24 to 48 hours (except for long-form projects, such as audiobooks and elearning). I provide custom demos and auditions within one day.

There’s an additional fee for same-day turnaround (within 12 to 14 hours) for shorter scripts (see the RATES page).


Oops… mistakes happen. So if I make an error in the script read, I’ll provide free revisions. Other changes to the script will incur an additional fee depending on the extent and/or scope of the changes. Specifically,

  • Minor revisions (up to 30% of the script) are half the quoted fee
  • Major revisions (over 30% of the script) are the original quoted fee

Note that for self-directed audio, if some lines require a revision in the performance (the tone or the pacing, for example), then I offer one round of these types of revisions for free. The second round will be charged as either minor or major, as per the extent of the revisions.


  • mic: Rode NT1
  • interface: Focusrite 2i2
  • DAW: Adobe Audition
  • Mogami cables
  • sound-treated studio space

About me

I’m an English-speaking professional non-union female voiceover artist with a North American accent/U.S. General American accent. I can also use U.S. West Coast American (SoCal), U.S. Midwestern (Wisconsin), Southern, and New York accents.

I have a clear midrange adult, young adult, teen, or young child voice. I use several types of delivery, including warm, empathetic, soft, and caring; relatable, conversational, authentic, and believable; friendly, easygoing, approachable, and affable; professional, intelligent, engaging, direct, confident, and authoritative; and energetic, bright, lively, and dynamic. 

I specialize in dynamic, expressive reads for marketing products and services and intelligent, engaging narration for elearning, explainer, PSA, and corporate. I also specialize in compelling interpretations for fiction audiobooks.

My voice is also well suited for presenting educational and instructional materials, especially those that are scientific, medical/healthcare related, technological, or business related, and promoting products and services using energy, personality, and humor.

I’m passionate about voice work and audio production; great storytelling; lifelong learning; all aspects of achieving and maintaining health, healthy aging, and functional medicine; food and cooking; architecture and interior and environmental design, especially green building; international travel; success stories and self-improvement; popular and alternative music from the 1960s through the 2010s; classical music; and art and creativity.

I will happily send you an example of my voice and presentation reading your script.  I’d love to show you what I can do for your project.

Contact Me

Do you need a custom demo? Or a rate quote? Tell me about your project, and I’ll get back to you right away.