Corporate narration

It’s important for your company’s communications to sound credible, trustworthy, and professional. Whether your project is a training video, branding content, or a business-to-business communication, I’ll ensure that your company’s voice is confident, intelligent, and engaging. Here are some factors I consider when approaching a script for corporate narration:

  • Clarity and consistency
  • Brand representation
  • Information accessibility
  • Consistent tone
  • Professionalism and polish
  • Engagement and persuasion


Voiceover for corporate narration enhances communication, ensures clarity and consistency, represents the brand effectively, and provides a dynamic and accessible means of delivering information. It’s a versatile tool that serves a wide range of purposes in the corporate world, from training and onboarding to marketing and stakeholder communication.

I can self-direct my performance or we can set up a directed session to ensure that the performance is exactly what you are looking for. The delivered files will be broadcast quality, so all you need to do is put the audio file(s) into your project.

Dana Nutting_Corporate Narration Demo
Download Track

True Dialog Salesforce:         0‒11.7 seconds

Anthem Female VO:                11.7‒31.2

Energetic Female Precall:   31.2‒43.7

IEEE Discovery Point:               43.7‒1:01

Pier Wind Energy:                      1:01‒1:15

Cisco CCF:                                      1:15‒1:30

Stationery Video:                      1:30‒1:48

Rare Disease Sizzle:                 1:48‒2:05