As an instructional designer, you’re looking to deliver effective and impactful elearning content. With elearning, my goal is to create an engaging and accessible learning experience to enhance comprehension and improve overall course quality. Here are some important factors I consider when preparing and delivering elearning scripts:

  • Clarity and comprehension
  • Accessibility
  • Engagement
  • Language, pronunciation, and content accessibility
  • Consistency
  • Motivation


My intent is to create engaging, relatable, and motivating voiceover for elearning projects. I enjoy making complicated and technical subjects easy to understand and enjoyable to learn. I’m an enthusiastic and dedicated lifelong learner, and those qualities are an important and consistent feature in my delivery style for elearning.

I can self-direct my performance or we can set up a directed session to ensure that the performance is exactly what you are looking for. The delivered files will be broadcast quality, so all you need to do is put the audio file(s) into your project.

Dana Nutting_Elearning Demo
Download Track

Discover Financial:           0-21.9 seconds

Hewlitt Packard Aruba:   21.9-38.2

Ford Training:                     38.2-59.3

Insurance Enrollment:     59.3-1:14.8

Adobe Workfront:              1:14-1:33

Elearning Test:                   1:33-1:50

Eli Lilly Apprenticeship:   1:50-2:14