Friendly, easygoing, approachable, and affable voiceover style

I’ll use a friendly and engaging read for a voiceover when the aim is to create a warm, approachable, and personable connection with the audience. This style is particularly effective in contexts where building rapport, fostering trust, and inviting interaction are key objectives. Here are several compelling reasons why I might opt for this approach:

  • Audience connection
  • Trust and reliability
  • Brand image
  • Customer service and support
  • Educational and Instructional Content
  • Podcasts and Interviews
  • Social Media and Online Content
  • Community and Nonprofit Messages
  • Entertainment and Leisure Content


A friendly and engaging voiceover style is effective in a wide range of contexts—from marketing and customer service to education and entertainment, where building a positive and approachable relationship with the audience is essential.

I can self-direct my performance or we can set up a directed session to ensure that the performance is exactly what you are looking for. The delivered files will be broadcast quality, so all you need to do is put the audio file(s) into your project.

Dana Nutting_Friendly-Approachable Demo
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Dolly Parton IL:                          0‒21.4 seconds

H2 Tour:                                       21.4‒37.7

Honda and Acura Connect:  37.7‒56.1

GNTC Portal:                              56.1‒1:22

WNMU Adult Services:            1:22‒1:38

Green Hydrogen:                      1:38‒1:57