Voiceover rates are based on the following:

I custom quote for each project. My quotes are based on industry-standard rates (the GVAA and Gravy for the Brain guides). But that’s just the starting point.

Because… there are so many other factors that are specific for each project. For example, do you need only raw audio, where I don’t spend studio time editing and mastering? That’s a lower quote than for a job that requires full editing and mastering. Is this an elearning job where you need split files? Do you need music added? Or proofing of your script? Have we worked together before? Is this a huge project where I could offer you a bulk rate? You get the idea. Let’s get all the specifics sorted and then I can put together a quote.


Split and named files: $1 per file

Adding music/sound effects: $10 per music bed; $10 per track (sound effects may be layered)

Copyediting/proofing your script: I am happy to help edit your script for syntax, grammar, word usage, and so on. There are two options here:

  1. Ensuring grammatical correctness (correcting your script in the recording to be grammatically correct): $12 per 150 words
  2. Editing the copy and sending it back to you before or after recording: $30 per 150 words


If I make an error in the script read, I will provide free pickups/rerecords. Other changes to the script will incur an additional fee depending on the extent and/or scope of the changes. If I need to rerecord one or two words, that is $50; more than two words is $100; major revisions (about 30% of the script) are half the quoted fee. Revisions over 30% are the original quoted fee.


What is it like to work with me? For the workflow, check out my SERVICES page. I’m a creative professional like you, and I enjoy collaborating on creative projects. And I know how to stick to deadlines. I’ll ask you a lot of questions about your project upfront so I have all the info and we’re on the same page, and then I’ll get to work on your audio.

Do I charge more for directed sessions? Yes ($50 per 30 minutes)

How do I invoice? I use Wave to send invoices

How do I accept payment? I accept bank transfer (I’ll send you a link), PayPal, or payment through Wave

How do I send files? I send files in WAV, AIFF, or mp3. Let me know whether you need another file format.

What are “exceptions” or “exclusions”? These are specified in a contract and pertain to usage (e.g., regions or specific forms of media). So, for example, the contract may specify that the audio can be used “radio broadcast in the Los Angeles area (excludes all other regions) and excludes social media and web.”In this example, if the audio is used outside Los Angeles area and on social media or the web, then further compensation will be negotiated.


Client expressly agrees not to utilize any portion of the recording or performance of Talent for purposes other than those specified in the initial Agreement between the parties including but not limited to creation of synthetic voices or for machine learning.

Specifically, Client shall not utilize any recording or performance of Talent to simulate Talent’s voice or likeness, or to create any synthesized or “digital double” voice or likeness of Talent.

Client specifically agrees not to sell or transfer ownership of all or part of any of the recordings or performance of Talent to any third party without Talent’s knowledge and consent.

Client agrees not to enter into any agreements or contracts on behalf of Talent which utilizes all or any part of any of the recordings or performance of Talent without Talent’s knowledge and consent.

Client agrees that any recordings or performances stored in digital format will be reasonably stored so that unauthorized third parties may not gain access to the files containing Talent’s voice or likeness, and if such files are stored in “the cloud.” Client agrees to safeguard same through encryption or other “up-to date” technological means.